Cooking Library

Cooking is a fun challenge. There are few things you might need to know. In the following articles, tables, and references will aide you in taking cooking to a new art.

Cooking Tips and Information

  1. Roasting Time Table
  2. Temperature Conversions
  3. Conversion Factors
  4. Fractions and Decimals
  5. Food Equivalent Measures
  6. Emergency Substitutions
  7. Planning a Party on a Budget
  8. Food Planning Guide For A Crowd
  9. Metric Conversion Guide
  10. Knife Know-How
  11. Bakers' Hints
  12. Candy Cooking: Temperatures and stages of candy making.
  13. Standard sizes and servings of cans.

Microwave Information

  1. Some basic microwave tips.
  2. What is the temperature correlation between conventional and microwave ovens?
  3. What does Microwave Wattage mean?
  4. Microwave Facts
  5. Microwave Rescues
  6. How does a microwave work?
  7. What is the 6 minute per pound rule?

Entertaining Information

  1. Luncheon Table Setting
  2. Formal Table Setting
  3. Family Table Setting
  4. Buffet Table Setting
  5. Breakfast Table Setting

Holiday Ideas and Information

  1. How long can I keep leftover gravy?
  2. Why do recipes say to spoon the stuffing into turkey loosely?
  3. I have lots of turkey and stuffing leftover. What should I do with it?
  4. Can I roast a turkey overnight in an oven set at a low temperature?
  5. What's the best way to thaw a frozen turkey?
  6. I've heard that roasting turkey in a paper grocery bag is really easy and delicious. Is it safe to roast turkey this way?
  7. Do I need to baste a turkey while it's cooking?
  8. Can I stuff the turkey the night before I roast it?
  9. What is the best way to check for doneness?
  10. Stuffing Q and A
  11. Holiday Entertaining Tips
  12. Perfect Piecrusts
  13. Let's Talk Turkey