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Veal is the meat of young calves, specifically the male offspring of dairy cattle, and is appreciated for its delicate taste, tender texture and nutritious qualities. Dairy cows must give birth annually to continue producing milk naturally, but male dairy calves are of little value to dairy farmers except as meat. Veal is often associated with Italian, French, German cuisines, as well as cuisines of other middle-European countries. North American consumers tend to prepare veal dishes for special occasions only.

Veal Recipes

1. Costolette Alla Milanese recipe
2. Costolette Valdostana recipe
3. Crockpot Osso Buco (Veal Shanks) recipe
4. Osso Buco - Braised Veal Shank recipe
5. Roman Stuffed Veal recipe
6. Saltimbocca Alla Romana recipe
7. Savory Veal Ragu recipe
8. Stuffed Breast Of Veal 1 recipe
9. Stuffed Breast Of Veal 2 recipe

10. Veal And Peppers recipe
11. Veal Chili with Artichokes recipe
12. Veal Curry recipe
13. Veal Cutlet Gruyere recipe
14. Veal Cutlets With Mushrooms And Tomatoes recipe
15. Veal Cutlets With Mushrooms And Tomatoes recipe
16. Veal Domingo recipe
17. Veal Domingo recipe
18. Veal Marsala recipe
19. Veal Marsala With Provolone recipe
20. Veal Milanese recipe
21. Veal Normande recipe
22. Veal Paprika recipe
23. Veal Parmesan recipe
24. Veal Parmigiana recipe
25. Veal Piccata recipe
26. Veal Piccata With Orange Sauce recipe
27. Veal Romano recipe
28. Veal Saute With Caramelized Shallots recipe
29. Veal Scallopine 1 recipe
30. Veal Scallopine 2 recipe
31. Veal Scallopini Marsala recipe
32. Veal Scallops With Peperoncini And Scallions recipe
33. Veal Scaloppine Piccata recipe
34. Veal Scaloppine With Tomatoes And Olives recipe
35. Veal Scaloppini Crème recipe
36. Veal Scaloppini Lemon recipe
37. Veal Scaloppini Marsala recipe
38. Veal Scaloppini Mushroom recipe
39. Veal Scaloppini Sherry recipe
40. Veal Shanks Osso Buco recipe
41. Veal Spedini recipe
42. Veal Steak Milan recipe
43. Veal Steaks With Yogurt recipe
44. Veal Stew recipe
45. Veal Stew In White Wine recipe
46. Veal Stroganoff Stew recipe
47. Veal Veronica recipe
48. Veal Wallets Stuffed With Porcini recipe
49. Veal Wallets Stuffed With Porcini recipe
50. Veal-Filled Shiitake Caps recipe
51. Veau Dans Le Chaudron ( Veal Pot Roast) recipe
52. Wild Mushroom And Veal Terrine With Roasted Yellow Pepper C recipe

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