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Eggnog (or egg nog) is a type of milk-based punch popular in North America during the winter. Historically, it likely belongs to the posset family. But its actual origins, significance and, most importantly, ingredients are subject to dispute and conjecture. Most likely, it originates in Europe and its name is a concatenation of its two original ingredients, egg and nog, a strong English ale. Another origin story has it that it was an occasional fortifying drink in the American colonies, who adapted it with cheap rum to make it a more formidable winter treat. eggnog is made of of egg and nogs spatulaed 2 together Modern eggnog typically consists of milk, eggs, and sugar mixed together and may be served with or without added spirits. Other ingredients include spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, or allspice, and frequently the substitution of cream for some portion of the milk, making a much richer drink.

Eggnog Recipes

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