Course : Dehydrator
Serves: 8
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                        The leaves of most herbs should be green
                        and harvested just before the plant
                        begins to flower.
   1                    Rinse leaves and stems with cold water
                        and shake off excess water. Pat
                        with paper towels and cut off dead -- mushy, or
                        discolored leaves before
   2                    For herbs seeds -- pick when the pods
                        have changed color but before they
                        to shatter. Spread the pods on the drying -- dry and rub the pods
                        your palms to release seeds.
   3                    Always dry herbs at a low temperature
                        because high temperatures destroy
                        natural oils.
   4                    Spread herbs (stem and leaves) loosely on
                        a tray and dry at 95* to 100*
                        approximately 3 to 5 hours. Herbs with
                        larger leaves like cilantro will take
   5                    It is best to dry herbs separately from
                        other foods because they don't
                        as long as produce for example. Plus
                        other foods would add more moisture
                        the drying times would be increased!
   6                    Dry herbs on stems. When completely dry -- strip leaves off
                        and brittle
   7                    Do not grind the leaves into a powder
                        before storing. It is best to grind
                        into a powder with a mortar and pestle or
                        crushed in your hands just before
   8                    Store in tightly-closed containers in a -- dark place. Do not s
                        paper bags -- because the natural
                        oils will be absorbed by the paper, which
                        reduces the potency of the herb.
                        * Dried herbs have 3 to 4 times the
                        potency of fresh herbs
                        * Eight ounces of fresh herbs will yield
                        about 1 ounce dried
                        * Dried herbs and spices should keep well
                        for 6 months to 1 year

Preparation / Directions:

HERB TEA COMBINATIONS * spearmint, camomile and blueberry * dried orange peel and blackberry leaves * rose hips, orange peel and gingeroot * camomile, hops and valerian (good as a sedative)

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