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Barbecue has been around since the discovery of fire; it's so popular in the South it's considered a cultural icon. The word barbecue (barbeque, Bar-B-Q, B-B-Q) comes from the framework used by Indians in the Caribbean, named barbacoa by early Spanish explorers. Over time the word came to mean the method of preparation, and often even the event where it's served.

BBQ Recipes

1. 4th of July Steer recipe
2. Afghan Chicken recipe
3. Aji De Gallina (Piquant Creamed Chicken- Peru) recipe
4. Amy's Grilled Chicken Breasts recipe
5. Angry Pork Tenderloin recipe
6. Another Gyros recipe
7. Apple City Barbecue - 1994 Memphis In May BBQ recipe
8. Army Barbequed Chicken recipe
9. Asian Porterhouse recipe

10. Asparagus and Smoked Chicken Enchiladas recipe
11. Authentic Southern Style Barbecued Ribs (Secret Recipe) recipe
12. Barbecue Chicken recipe
13. Barbecue Cubes recipe
14. Barbecue Hash - South Carolina Style recipe
15. Barbecue-Baked Sage Potatoes recipe
16. Barbecued Alligator Tail recipe
17. Barbecued Baby Back Ribs recipe
18. Barbecued Beef Ribs recipe
19. Barbecued Brisket Of Beef recipe
20. Barbecued Butterflied Leg Of Lamb With Mint recipe
21. Barbecued Chicken On A Bun recipe
22. Barbecued Chicken Wings - Peak Gai Yang recipe
23. Barbecued Chile-Marinated Pork Spareribs recipe
24. Barbecued Confetti Vegetables recipe
25. Barbecued Cornish Hen recipe
26. Barbecued Fish recipe
27. Barbecued Goose With Prune And Brandy Stuffing recipe
28. Barbecued Ham - Ala Starzingers recipe
29. Barbecued Meat Patties recipe
30. Barbecued Pork - Chinese Style recipe
31. Barbecued Pork Loin With Grilled Onions recipe
32. Barbecued Ribs (Four Great Southern Cooks) recipe
33. Barbecued Short Ribs recipe
34. Barbecued Steaks recipe
35. Barbecued Wings and Ribs recipe
36. Barbeque Cups recipe
37. Barbeque Pork (Family) recipe
38. Barbequed (In A Skillet) Franks recipe
39. Barbequed Beef Short Ribs recipe
40. Barbequed Chicken - Craig's recipe
41. Barbequed Chuck Roast - Mildred Fischer recipe
42. Barbequed Garlic Chicken recipe
43. Barbequed Pork - 2 recipe
44. Barbequed Shrimp And Chicken recipe
45. Bbq Baked Beef Ribs recipe
46. BBQ Flank Steak recipe
47. BBQ Meatloaf Aussie Style recipe
48. BBQ Pork Roast recipe
49. BBQ Ribs 1991 World BBQ Contest Winner "Memphis In May" recipe
50. Bbq Rum Ribs recipe
51. BBQ Veggies recipe
52. BBQ Veggies, Roasted Corn recipe
53. BBQ'd Baby Back Ribs recipe
54. BBQ, Onions Grilled recipe
55. BBQ, Pineapple Caribbean recipe
56. BBQ, Pineapple Island recipe
57. BBQ, Pineapple With Brown Sugar And Kahlua recipe
58. BBQ, Potatoes-Deer Camp recipe
59. Bear's Smoked Salmon recipe
60. Beef Bar-B-Que By Helen recipe
61. Beef Brisket From Kip recipe
62. Beef Brisket On Kettle recipe
63. Beef Brisket With Barbeque Sauce recipe
64. Beer Can Up The Butt Chicken recipe
65. Belly's Brisket recipe
66. Belly's Smoked Peach Cobbler recipe
67. Berry Fine Baby Back Ribs recipe
68. Blistering Brochettes recipe
69. Bob's Barbequed Salmon recipe
70. Bool Kogi (Korean Sesame-Grilled Beef) recipe
71. Bourbon And Honey Smoke-Roasted Pork Tenderloin recipe
72. Bourbon Grilled Chicken - Orange-Flavored recipe
73. Brine For Corned Beef Brisket recipe
74. Brisket Burritos - Danny's recipe
75. Brisket Enchiladas recipe
76. Britt's "Another Smoked Brisket Rub" recipe
77. Broiled Smoked Mullet With Poached Eggs recipe
78. Burgoo recipe
79. Burmese Dry Chicken Curry recipe
80. Cajun Grilled Swordfish recipe
81. Cajun Pork Burgers recipe
82. Cajun Pork Roast recipe
83. Cambogee Beef recipe
84. Captain's Table BBQ'd Roast recipe
85. Carey's Smoked Salt recipe
86. Cecil's Jerk Chicken recipe
87. Cha Shu (Barbecued Pork Strips) recipe
88. Charcoal-Broiled Duck Breasts recipe
89. Charlotte Pork Sandwich (Boiled, then smoked) recipe
90. Cherry Flavored Smoked Duck recipe
91. Chicken Alla Diavola recipe
92. Chicken and Tri-Tip For 230 People recipe
93. Chicken Breasts Southwestern recipe
94. Chicken Fried Steak In Jalapenos recipe
95. Chicken Kabobs recipe
96. Chicken Pepperoni recipe
97. Chicken Peri-Peri recipe
98. Chicken Tikka recipe
99. Chile-Smoked Garlic Damper Bread recipe
100. Chinese Barbequed Pork recipe
101. Chinese Bbq'd Pork Bun (Cha Siu Bow) recipe
102. Chinese Pork Ribs recipe
103. Chopped Barbecue recipe
104. Christmas Goose recipe
105. Coca Cola Barbequed Chicken recipe
106. Coca-Cola Ribs recipe
107. Cochinita Pibil recipe
108. Cold Smoked Salmon recipe
109. Crock Pot Venison Barbecue recipe
110. Crunchy Teriyaki Burgers recipe
111. Cucumber Dip For Smoked Fish recipe
112. Cured and Smoked Pork Ribs recipe
113. Danny Gaulden's Smoked Cheese recipe
114. Dave's Ribs recipe
115. David's Barbeque Ribs recipe
116. Dean's Barbecue Chicken recipe
117. Deboning A Chicken recipe
118. Dee's Spicy Veggie Kabobs recipe
119. Dip For BBQ'd Spare Ribs recipe
120. Dolores Spoonmore's Hamburgers recipe
121. Don Martin's Smoked Brisket recipe
122. Down South Barbeque recipe
123. Drunken Spareribs recipe
124. Dry Rub For Ribs and Pork recipe
125. Duck Magrets - Broiled Duck Breasts recipe
126. Duck Over Charcoal recipe
127. Dwight's Smoked Brisket recipe
128. Easy Barbecued Beef recipe
129. Easy Pork Ribs recipe
130. Easy Roasted Chicken recipe
131. Emeril's Cowboy Steaks recipe
132. Emeril's Smoked Beef Brisket recipe
133. Eric Hahn's Chicken Tenders recipe
134. Fajitas recipe
135. Famous Dave's Texas Pit Brisket recipe
136. Fancy Packed Smoked To Eat Fish recipe
137. Field And Stream Stuffed Burgers recipe
138. Fiery Barbecued Venison recipe
139. Fiesta Rib Eye Steaks recipe
140. Filipino Breakfast Steaks recipe
141. Firecracker Corn-On-The-Cob recipe
142. Flank Steak Pinwheels recipe
143. Fran's Bbq-potato-cheese Meatloaf recipe
144. Fried Meatballs Albanian recipe
145. Georgia Bar-B-Q Hash recipe
146. Gilroy Artichoke Kebobs recipe
147. Ginger Baste For Pork recipe
148. Gravlax (Smoked Salmon) recipe
149. Green Mountain Maple Barbequed Chicken recipe
150. Grilled 'Napalm' Shrimp recipe
151. Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon recipe
152. Grilled Chicken recipe
153. Grilled Chicken Kebobs recipe
154. Grilled Chicken Sandwiches recipe
155. Grilled Chinese Chicken recipe
156. Grilled Delmonico Steak Adobo With Charred Spring Onions recipe
157. Grilled Faux Salisbury Steak recipe
158. Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak recipe
159. Grilled Pork Chops Adobo With Spicy Apple Chutney recipe
160. Grilled Pork Loin With Grilled Onions recipe
161. Grilled Pork Skewers with Ginger recipe
162. Grilled Pork Tenderloin With Pear Relish recipe
163. Grilled Portabella Mushrooms recipe
164. Grilled Rainbow Trout With Asian Flavors recipe
165. Grilled Ribeye With Chimichurri And Red Chile Mustard recipe
166. Grilled Shrimp With Bacon recipe
167. Grilled Shrimp With Pasta and Fresh Tomatoes recipe
168. Grilled Sweet Taters recipe
169. Grilled Tandoori Chicken recipe
170. Grilled Tomatillo Shrimp recipe
171. Grilled Tossed Vegetables recipe
172. Grilled Tri-Tip, Lompoc-Style recipe
173. Holiday Barbecued Chicken Thighs recipe
174. Home-Smoked Chipotles Adobado recipe
175. Hot Grilled Trout recipe
176. Hot Shins recipe
177. Hot'n Spicy BBQ'd Shrimp recipe
178. If u have 2 ask they r 2 hot - Ribs recipe
179. Indonesian Barbecued Shrimp recipe
180. Indoor Barbequed Brisket Of Beef recipe
181. Infused Oil For Grilling Fish recipe
182. J and R's Barbecued Chicken recipe
183. Jack Daniel's Grilled Chuck Roast recipe
184. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Chicken recipe
185. Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe
186. Javanese Pork Satay recipe
187. JC's Simple Chicken recipe
188. Kent Wibble's Grilled Geese recipe
189. Kent Wible's Duck Breast recipe
190. Kent's Killer Brisket recipe
191. King's Ranch (South Texas) Casserole recipe
192. Korean Barbequed Short Ribs recipe
193. Korean Grilled Beef recipe
194. Korean Style Grilled Chicken recipe
195. Kraft Barbecue Oven Tender Chicken recipe
196. Lemon-Pepper Smoked Chicken recipe
197. Lemon-Pepper Smoked Chicken recipe
198. Lemon-Pepper Smoked Ribs recipe
199. Lemon-Rosemary Chicken Halves recipe
200. Little Chief Smoked Salmon Deluxe recipe
201. Lomi Lomi Salmon recipe
202. Louisiana BBQ'd Shrimp recipe
203. Lox (Cold Smoked) recipe
204. Luther's Barbecued Ribs recipe
205. Maltose Glazed Pork Ribs recipe
206. Marian's Dip for Spare Ribs recipe
207. Marian's Dry Rub for Spare Ribs recipe
208. Marinated Barbecue Brisket recipe
209. Marinated Hickory-Smoked Chuck Roast recipe
210. Marinated Pork Tenderloin Birds recipe
211. Marius Johnston's Chicken recipe
212. Marius Johnston's Smoked Carnitas recipe
213. Martha's Vineyard Raspberry Chicken recipe
214. Memphis Hogaholics Award-Winning Ribs recipe
215. Memphis Hogaholics Award-Winning Ribs Dry Rub recipe
216. Method For Making Ribs recipe
217. Michael's Cantonese Pork BBQ Spareribs recipe
218. Microwave Saucy Chicken Barbecue recipe
219. Minced Barbeque recipe
220. Missouri Rub for Pork Ribs recipe
221. Murgh Kebab (Chicken Kebab) recipe
222. Never-Fail Beef Brisket (Smoke Then Into Oven) recipe
223. New Mexico BBQ Beef Ribs recipe
224. New Orleans Bbq Shrimp recipe
225. Non-Carcinogen Grilling recipe
226. North Carolina Barbeque recipe
227. O'reilly's Smoked And Brined Chicken recipe
228. Olive Garden Chicken Marsala recipe
229. Onion Recipe recipe
230. Oven Barbecued Chicken Quarters recipe
231. Oven Barbecued Spare Ribs recipe
232. PawPaw's Deer Sauerbraten recipe
233. Peachy Bbq Ribs recipe
234. Pecan Smoked Tenderloins recipe
235. Peppered Rib Eye Steaks recipe
236. Peruvian Garlic Chicken recipe
237. Peruvian Grilled Chicken Thighs recipe
238. Peruvian Walnut Chicken recipe
239. Piquant Creamed Chicken recipe
240. Planked Salmon With Grilled Pineapple, Rhubarb recipe
241. Pollo A La Nogal Estilo Peruano (Peruvian Walnut Chicken) recipe
242. Pollo Al Ajo Estilo Peruano (Peruvian Garlic Chicken) recipe
243. Pork Baby Back Ribs recipe
244. Pork Chops Barbecue recipe
245. Pork Ribs recipe
246. Pork Shoulder Crock Pot Barbeque recipe
247. Prime Plus Short Ribs recipe
248. Prime Rib Rub recipe
249. Pueblo Barbecued Pork Roast recipe
250. Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwiches with Carolina Pig-Pickin' Sauce recipe
251. Q'ing Ribs 101 recipe
252. Quick Barbecue Beef Bake recipe
253. Rancherus Barbecued Tri-Tip recipe
254. Rattlesnake Ribs recipe
255. Red's Barbecued Brisket recipe
256. Red's Barbeque Chicken recipe
257. Red's South Texas Fajitas recipe
258. Rhubarb - Barbecued Beef Ribs recipe
259. Rib Eye Express Barbequed Hamburgers recipe
260. Roasted Barbecued Spareribs recipe
261. Rocky Mountain Brisket recipe
262. Russian Style Barbecued Chicken recipe
263. Santa Fe Beef Kabobs recipe
264. Shake 'n' Smoke Ribs recipe
265. Shredded Barbecued Beef Sandwiches recipe
266. Shrimp On The Grill recipe
267. Simple Barbecued Broilers recipe
268. Simple Beef Brisket recipe
269. Simple Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe
270. Simple Pepper Steak recipe
271. Smoke-Grilled Salmon recipe
272. Smoked and Brined Chicken recipe
273. Smoked and Grilled Corn recipe
274. Smoked Apple Chutney recipe
275. Smoked Baked Garlic Chicken recipe
276. Smoked Bananas and Plantains recipe
277. Smoked Bear Roast recipe
278. Smoked Beef Brisket recipe
279. Smoked Blue Fish recipe
280. Smoked Carnitas recipe
281. Smoked Catfish with Brine recipe
282. Smoked Cheese Directions recipe
283. Smoked Chicken Breasts In Ham recipe
284. Smoked Chipotle recipe
285. Smoked Chuck Goulash recipe
286. Smoked Clam Chowder recipe
287. Smoked Clam Dip recipe
288. Smoked Dirty Rice recipe
289. Smoked Duck Breast recipe
290. Smoked Fillet Casserole recipe
291. Smoked Fish recipe
292. Smoked Fish Cakes recipe
293. Smoked Fish Casserole recipe
294. Smoked Fish Dressing recipe
295. Smoked Fish Hash recipe
296. Smoked Fish Kedgeree recipe
297. Smoked Fish Loaf Supreme recipe
298. Smoked Fish Log recipe
299. Smoked Fish Lunch Special recipe
300. Smoked Fish Rub recipe
301. Smoked Fish Scramble recipe
302. Smoked Fish Yule Tree recipe
303. Smoked Fishburgers recipe
304. Smoked Goose recipe
305. Smoked Hamburger Salami - Three Versions recipe
306. Smoked Hot Dogs recipe
307. Smoked Lisa (Mullet) Dip recipe
308. Smoked Mashed Potatoes recipe
309. Smoked Mullet Chowder recipe
310. Smoked Pheasant - 1 recipe
311. Smoked Pheasant - 2 recipe
312. Smoked Quail And Goat Cheese-Filled Poblano Chile recipe
313. Smoked Salmon recipe
314. Smoked Salmon Or Trout In Weber recipe
315. Smoked Short Ribs recipe
316. Smoked Squash Pie recipe
317. Smoked Stuffed Tomatoes recipe
318. Smoked Turtle Dove Kabobs recipe
319. Smoked Virginia Ham recipe
320. Smoked White Sturgeon recipe
321. Smoked, Brined Chicken recipe
322. Smoking Cheese recipe
323. Smoking Vegetables recipe
324. South Carolina Barbecue Hash recipe
325. Southern Hash recipe
326. Southern Spareribs recipe
327. Special Marinated Chicken Parts recipe
328. Spicy Barbequed Steak recipe
329. Spicy Beef Satay recipe
330. Spicy Peppered Steaks recipe
331. Spicy Pork Steaks recipe
332. Spicy Smoked Broccoli And Tofu recipe
333. Steak Teriyaki recipe
334. Stove-Top Bbq Pork Chops recipe
335. Stove-Top Bbq Pork Chops - Tuesday's Dinner Menu recipe
336. Super Good Spareribs recipe
337. Super Swine Swizzlers Ribs And Dry Rub recipe
338. Sweet Plantain And Pepper Stuffed Chicken recipe
339. Sweet Smoked Bourbon Ribs recipe
340. Tandoori Chicken recipe
341. Tandori Style Chicken recipe
342. Tangy Barbecue Sandwiches recipe
343. Tangy Short Rib Barbecue recipe
344. Tangy Spare Ribs recipe
345. Tea Smoked Acorn Squash recipe
346. Tea Smoked Cheese recipe
347. Tea Smoked Chicken recipe
348. Tea Smoked Chicken Breast recipe
349. Tea Smoked Duck With Smoked Walnuts recipe
350. Tea Smoked Molasses-Cured Duck Breasts recipe
351. Tea Smoked Shrimp recipe
352. Tender Roast Pheasant recipe
353. Tequila Grilled Beef Steaks recipe
354. Tex-Mex Chicken recipe
355. Texas "2-Slow-In-The-Road" Steaks recipe
356. Texas Barbecue Show - Barbecue Brisket recipe
357. Texas Barbequed Beef Brisket recipe
358. Texas BBQ Beef Al Pastor recipe
359. Texas BBQ Beef Head recipe
360. Texas BBQ Brisket recipe
361. Texas BBQ Ribs recipe
362. Texas Bbq Shake-In-A-Bag Mix For Ribs recipe
363. Texas Dry Ribs recipe
364. Texas Pete Garlic Chicken: recipe
365. Texas Style Tofu Barbecue recipe
366. Texas-Style Ribs recipe
367. Thai Barbecue Chicken recipe
368. Thai Chicken Or Pork Satay recipe
369. Tony Roma's Got A Hit Contract Out On Me Ribs recipe
370. Tony Roma's World Famous Ribs recipe
371. Tumor Chicken recipe
372. Veggies on the Grill - SUPER EASY recipe
373. Vietnamese Grilled Duck Breast recipe
374. Vodka-Chocked Cherry Ribs recipe
375. Whole Ham Barbeque recipe
376. Wined Teriyaki Strips recipe
377. World Championship Barbequed Ribs recipe

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