Joke Title: The Top 12 New Menu Items if Fast Food Chains Merged
  1. Whoppita
  2. McDouble-Trouble Famous Starr
  3. Long John McFlounder
  4. Soylent Green
  5. Jack's-Whopper-in-Wendy's-Box
  6. Hooter's and Haagen-Daz present "The Lewinsky Dairy Treat"
  7. The Colonel's "Special Sauce"
  8. Burger King and Dairy Queen: Together, at last
  9. I Can't Believe It's Not Carcinogenic!
  10. McDonald's and Chick Filet proudly offer you, The "Big Pecker"
  11. Wendy's Pair o'Whoppers

    and the Number 1 New Menu Item if Fast Food Chains Merged...

  12. Biggie Thighs