Joke Title: Top 10 Things you Don't Want to Overhear in a Restaurant
  1. "Dude, you got to clean that up. Fish don't have hair."
  2. "In the event you recover and want to sue, here's a good attorney."
  3. "And he STILL ate it!!"
  4. "Dammit, that's the third band aid I've lost this week!"
  5. "Wine, Mad Dog, who's gonna know the difference?"
  6. "The chef's gonna be pissed...the animals got out of the slaughterhouse again."
  7. "Those food prep gloves work in a pinch for a prostate exam."
  8. "Did anyone on the kitchen staff lose a finger?"
  9. "You know, I had a hand (snicker) in making that special sauce!"
  10. "Dude, you have to use the microwave to heat up that chicken. You can't just keep it your pants!"