Joke Title: The Top 14 Rejected Slogans for Beer
  1. Beer: Getting sorority girls knocked up for 300 years
  2. Goes Down Cold, Comes Up Smooth!
  3. A decent excuse for your normal clumsy self
  4. Because You're Sober
  5. Tastes like piss, but you'll drink it anyway
  6. Beer: That nasty taste means it's workin'!
  7. You have to fill your bladder with something.
  8. Don't Make Germany Angry. You Wouldn't Like Germany When It's Angry.
  9. We don't make the urine. We make the urine faster.
  10. Numbing the Embarrassment of Being You
  11. It's the thicker-chicker-picker-upper!
  12. Easier to Spell than Whiskey
  13. The *Other* Thin Yellowish Liquid

    and the Number 1 Rejected Slogan for Beer...

  14. Beer: It's how you got here.