Joke Title: Peanuts
One evening a couple was enjoying their evening in front of the TV. The husband was eating peanuts by throwing them in the air and catching them in his mouth. During an interesting scene the husband lost concentration and one of the peanuts missed his food intake and entered his ear.

For the next hour, both husband and wife attempted to
retract the peanut from the poor chaps ear and eventually
decided on giving up and making their way down to the

Just as the couple was about to leave via the front door,
their daughter arrived with her new boyfriend. The boyfriend
happened to remark that he was a medical student and could
remove the peanut from his girlfriends dad's ear. The
boyfriend put two of his fingers in the unlucky bloke's ear
and asked him to blow... and has luck would have it, the
peanut flew out of the ear.

The husband and wife were just discussing their recent piece
of luck as their daughter and boyfriend went through to the
kitchen to make some tea.

"What do you think he'll be when he graduates, a surgeon or
GP?" questioned the wife.

"An Ear, Nose and Throat", exclaimed
the husband with a grin.