Joke Title: cook the chicken cremate the kitchen
This is no joke {fact}I put the Chicken in the Oven and turned it on,and then starting doing other things in the Kitchen like washing Delph preparing Vegetables and looking at Telly.I became aware of a lot of smoke starting to issue forth from the cooker,Hello what is up i said looked in the oven it was not on so i turned it on,still the smoke filling the kitchen after 10 minutes.Flames started to shoot up at the back of the cooker looked in the oven it was normal i put the oven off and retrived the chicken.I said thats strange so i opened the Grill and a big Whoosh of Flame hit me in the face doing me no harm but singing my hair and eyebrows.I ran around the kitchen looking for something to put it out and all the while the smoke and flames got higher.i threw water on it and made it worse and then i remembered the small Fire Extinguisher and ripped it of the wall and it put the fire out.The only damage was the smoke mark left on the wall easy to cover over.I had turned on the Grill by mistake instead of the OVEN. I was doing several things at the same time and should have been watching what I was doing.Brothers and Sisters be careful out there in youre Kitchen.