Joke Title: Rubber infused Chicken
My first attempt at roasting a chicken. I was 15 years old and had watched my grandmother make roast chicken over and over. I decided to suprise her by having dinner ready for her when she came home from work one day. Well,I did everything right , I even stuffed the chicken, but when it came time for me to tie the legs of the chicken together as she had always done, I could not find the cooking string that she used.So I held the legs of The chicken together with a rubber band and roasted it that way. When my grandmother came home , she wrinkled up her nose and said "What's that smell?" Needless to say the Rubber had melted into the chicken and created a terrible odor! My gramdmother,saw the embarressed and hurt look on my face and she simply removed and discarded the drumsticks where the rubber had melted and she ate the chicken anyway , proclaiming it to be the best that she ever had.Now thats Love