Joke Title: Grassetti
The last Summer holiday I had with my parents was the best ever. When I was just the age that I adored going on holiday with them, but wanted to go on holiday with friends as well, we decided to go to Switzerland. After a long day in the mountains we decided it was time to go back to our tent to prepare spaghetti of which we bought the ingredients in the morning. Cooking on a camping site is always unhandy but much fun. The meatloaf and vegetables were done and we added the spaghetti in the cooking pan. My father stirs it nice and firm and let's is simmer for a short while. He asks me to take the pan as my mother had laid up the table (as far as you can do this outside a tent). I take the spaghetti pan from the heat and try to turn the gas out at the same time. Mistake. The pan is too hot and I can not hold it anymore. All the spaghetti is on the grass, it is now grassetti! After consideration and laughter we decided to eat it anyway because we were so hungry after climbing a day in the mountains and the supermarkets were all closed by now. With two forks I tried to carry our 'organic' meal back into the pan. As I peak to the left I see my mom pouring in another glass of red wine, she sighs and laughs. We finish the 'earthy' meal with a beautiful wine and a delightful dessert (without grass).