Joke Title: Vegetarians are Evil People

Some of you may be contemplating buying plant products pretty soon...

I urge you not to do so.

Why kill poor innocent defenseless plants? Think of a beautiful, peaceful plant with its colorful pretty little flowers suddenly brutally attacked, mangled and eventually consumed.

Plants are eaten for the mere fact that no-one can hear them screaming and begging for their lives to be spared.

Eating a fruit was the first sin ever commited by humans.
(remember Eve's apple)

Anyone with decent upbringing should know better than to kill & eat a peaceful creature that is minding its own business.

Take the chicken, for example. The chicken is the reason for which the word "evil" was invented. Leaving its immoral multiple sexual partner habits aside, have you seen how they break into the home of a peaceful worm and drag it out of its own crib and eat it? How would you like that done to You?

It's OK To Kill Chickens. They Deserve To Die.

Some of you may wonder, "hmm ...okay that seems reasonable ...but what about killing and eating a cow?" Well... a cow is not by any means an innocent creature. Many claim that a cow is a peaceful creature. But this is cow bullshit. The cow is an Evil Abominable Monster. Cows appear innocent and
sweet... but they dont care a damn about the plants they eat. Sometimes, the cow regurgitates the murdered victim and chews it again as if to remember and relish the joy of murdering the plant.

So you see, many animals are murderous cereal killers. Jeffrey Dahlmer, Andrew Cunanan, John Wayne Gacy, Jack the Reaper, Uncle Ben, The Green Giant, ...these are ALL vicous killers that never gave a damn about their victims. Killers that dont care about their victim suffering ...serial killers only care about their own satisfaction. All murderers are the same! A threat to peaceful individuals and their lives.

It is simply justice to eat meat. So us meatarians are serving justice. We would never ever eat anything that did any wrong. Yes, we would starve to death in the Garden of Eden.

Certainly, I do not enjoy the solemn task of eating animals, but as a civilized being it is our duty and obligation to see that justice is carried out.

Eve (of Bible fame) screwed us up by eating an innocent apple. God saw that woman was evil and man was doing evil. This pissed him off and now we are stuck with the problems of today. If Eve had eaten the snake instead of the apple, we would all be living in paradise.

Christians should remember that the eating of a fruit (aka plant abortion) is what got the Lord pissed at us originally.

Imagine plucking a baby from a mother's arms and eating it.

To eat plants or fruit is a sin. I have respect for majestic animals such as lions and tigers that choose never to eat the innocent plants and server to carry out justice instead. This is what being a creature and part of nature is about.

Do not let the evironazis fool you into thinking that eating plants is environmentally safe.
That Is a Lie! Do Not Believe the Irrationality!

I have seen bulls with diarrhea purge less shit than what spews from a vegenazi's mouth.

When you kill a plant... you are Preventing New Plants From Being Made and thus seriously Damaging the keystone of the Food Chain .

Plants produce Oxygen. Animals produce the harmful gas Carbon Dioxide! A deadly Greenhouse Gas. So animals are slowly placing us in a toxic gas chamber. Plants, on the other hand, fight and serve to make Clean Safe and Pure air. Imagine a world without plants. The world will be a desert.

All Murderers Must Be Executed. Save the Innocent. Kill And Eat All Animals.

Serve Justice. Eat Me