Joke Title: rules for new commis chefs
Rules of the Chef * The Chef is always right. * The Chef does not sleep, he / she rests. * The Chef does not eat, he / she nourishes himself / herself. * The Chef does not drink, he / she tastes. * The Chef is never late, he / she is delayed. * The Chef never leaves the service, he / she is called away. * If you enter the Chefs office with your own ideas, you leave with his / hers. * It is forbidden for chefs to have children, in order that their numbers should not increase. * The Chef is always the Chef, even in his / her swimming costume. * If you criticize the Chef, you criticize the Almighty. * Chef is always spelled with a capital C. Hub-UK note: See, even chefs have a sense of humour - you just don't see it very often !