Joke Title: Sugar and Cream
A man stops by a diner at noon, the busiest time of day,
sits down at the counter, and asks for a cup of coffee. The
waitress, who is very busy, gives him his coffee and rushes
off to help the numerous customers having lunch at the diner.
The man, who uses both creamer and sugar in his coffee,
notices that the sugar container is empty, and there are no
little packets of creamer in the rack that holds those. As
the waitress rushes by, he asks her to bring him cream and
sugar for his coffee. The waitress, busier than she can ever
remember being before, rushes to the back to pick up more
orders. As she passes the cabinet where the extra sugar and
cream are kept,

she sets a plate down and puts sugar cubes and creamer
packets in her bosom because both her hands are full. After
she has served the two plates she was holding, she returns to
the man and askes him, "How many sugar cubes did you want in
your coffee?" The man says, "Two." She reaches into her bra
pulls out two sugar cubes, and drops them into his cup. "And
cream," She says. The man looks her directly in the eye and
says, "You wouldn't dare.