Cuisine Glossary

You have reached our International Cuisines and information on all aspects of a countries cuisine.
We will try to explain the culture, significant influences, climate, and other factors that have come together to create a distinct style. For example: Spanish, Mexican or Japanese.

Californian Cuisine

Cuisine of the day California cuisine is all about natural goodness, freshness and lots of fruits and vegetables: brick-oven pizzas on hand-tossed crusts with homemade fennel sausage, mescaline salads with herbs and toasted goat cheese, fresh breads from local bakeries, broiled Black Mission figs drizzled with locally made honey, sandwiches with sliced avocado and juicy tomatoes, grilled fish and poultry with piquant citrus salsas.

It makes sense that the temperate state where so much of the country's fresh produce is grown had begun to obsess about fresh ingredients. From north to south, the pleasant climate and long growing season encourage a light, summery approach to cooking, especially when tomatoes, avocados, citrus, herbs and lettuces are growing on doorsteps practically year-round. California's abundance allows cooks to paint with a very broad palette.

Thanks to its history and geography, California might even be called the first fusion cuisine. It's a complete melting-pot culture from the Mexican and Spanish influence in the south, and the Asian influence in the north, and an international influence in the rest of the state. The gold rush attracted miners and others to the state. One of the exciting things that happened is that these people brought seeds, such as artichokes. So influential were the habits of the settlers that nearly every artichoke eaten in the U.S. today is grown in Casterville, Calif.--and much of our garlic comes from California's town of Gilroy.

And like many other California innovations, this kind of cooking has gradually spread to the rest of the country--a Cobb Salad found at your local diner and the ubiquitous mescaline salad are evidence of this influence. Similar to the pervasiveness of a Hollywood blockbuster, the cuisine's infiltration of the American cooking style arguably qualifies it as the essence of modern American cooking.

Source: HungryMonster Writers