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Ukrainian Cuisine

Cuisine of the day Ukrainian cuisine is closely linked to the customs, culture and way of life of the Ukrainian people. It is famous for its diversity and quality of flavor. The dishes of Ukrainian cuisine are highly aromatic and contain a wide variety of herbs and spices, including garlic, parsley, dill, mint, mustard, pepper and cinnamon.

As an appetizing starter, slices of fresh cucumber and tomato together with cooked meats and cheese are often served, or a delicate salad containing; chicken or crab meat.

The most popular Ukrainian meal is borshch. This thick, hearty and delicious soup is prepared with a variety of ingredients including meat, mushrooms, beans, and even prunes. Mushroom soups, bean and pea soups, soups with dumplings and thick millet chowders are also popular.

In addition to the many different meat dishes, for example pork or chicken stuffed with mushrooms or vegetables, and stew with potatoes and vegetables, sauerkraut, fish as carp or trout is also often offered as a main course. Holubtsi “, or stuffed cabbage, is another favorite meal, as are varenyky (pierogis) filled with potatoes, meat, cheese, sauerkraut, or fruit such as blueberries or cherries. Bread is provided with all savory dishes and is of a high quality.

Ukrainians like dairy products. Some samples: cottage cheese pancakes, riazhanka (fermented baked milk) and nalysnyky (usually cheese-filled crepes).

There are no holidays without pies, pampushky (type of fritter), baba (a tall, cylindrical cake), honey cakes.

Ukrainian sausage is very tasty. It is preserved in a special way - in porcelain vessels smothered in melted fat.

When dining with guests, either wine or vodka and mineral water is usually drunk.

Source: HungryMonster Writers