Cuisine Glossary

You have reached our International Cuisines and information on all aspects of a countries cuisine.
We will try to explain the culture, significant influences, climate, and other factors that have come together to create a distinct style. For example: Spanish, Mexican or Japanese.

Myanmar Cuisine

Cuisine of the day The regional food is hot and spicy. Fish, rice, noodles and vegetables spiced with onions, ginger, garlic and chilies are the common local ingredients. Local dishes include lethok son (a sort of spicy vegetarian rice salad), mohinga (fish soup with noodles) and oh-no khauk swe (rice noodles, chicken and coconut milk). The avocados by Inle Lake are very good. Delicious fruits are available in the markets and food stalls appear on the corners of most large towns. Chinese and Indian cuisine is offered in many hotels and restaurants.

Tea is a popular drink; the spices which are added to it can make the tongue turn bright red. Locally produced soft drinks are generally of poor quality and rather expensive. Coffee is not common. Locally produced beer, rum, whisky and gin are generally available.

Source: HungryMonster Writers