Cuisine Glossary

You have reached our International Cuisines and information on all aspects of a countries cuisine.
We will try to explain the culture, significant influences, climate, and other factors that have come together to create a distinct style. For example: Spanish, Mexican or Japanese.

Filipino Cuisine

Cuisine of the day Philippine cooking is the familiar blended with the exotic. Filipinos cuisine of the seven thousand island Philippine nation. One can also taste the subtle hints of Indian, Mexican, Arab and American influences. American contribution to Filipino kitchen particularly became heavy following WW II when surplus canned foods became widely available because of the shortages of fresh produce. The Filipinos embraced these 'new foods' and turned them into dishes that taste nothing like canned food. For example, by sautéing canned corned beef with onions and garlic, they created a dish uniquely there own.

Source: HungryMonster Writers