Glassware: So many choices, and so many drinks

The glasses you choose for your bar are a reflection of how you use and your needs. There are many types of glasses available to build a bar to match your tastes.

Highball Glass Highball Glass You can use these for mixing almost any drink. A good stand-in for similar looking glasses.
Old Fashioned Glass Old Fashioned Glass / Lowball / Rocks For shots of alcohol over ice primarily, also for smaller drinks like singles and doubles.
Red Wine Glass Red Wine Glass Use for red or white wine (if you don't have a white wine glass), or water.
Shot Glass Shot Glass Shot Glasses are for a single shot drink. Might buy a few extra of these, they tend to break and get lost.
Beer Mug Beer Mug For beer or beer-shot combinations.
Beer Pilsner Beer Pilsner This is traditionally for beer, but works well for serving large margaritas and the like.
Brandy Snifter Brandy Snifter Brandy Snifter is for serving brandies.
Champagne Flute Champagne Flute The best way to serve champagne. The bowls allow the fizziness to escape too quickly. Nothing worse than flat champagne.
Cocktail Glass Cocktail Glass You can use this for serving many different cocktails. In a pinch, you can also use it for serving martinis, but you should really get true martini glasses (no picture available).
Collins Glass Collins Glass For drinks that require something a bit larger than an old fashioned glass. These look good when frosted before serving.
Cordial Glass Cordial Glass Generally for concentrated liqueurs.
Irish Coffee Glass Irish Coffee Glass This makes almost any coffee or other hot drink look good. Generally garnish with whipped cream and chocolate shavings or cinnamon.
Parfait Glass Parfait Glass Similar to the Irish coffee glass, is generally used for drinks with ice cream or fruit in them.
Pousse Cafe Glass Pousse Cafe Glass Usually used for layered drinks.
Sherry Glass Sherry Glass Sherry Glass are used to serve sherries.
Sour Glass Sour Glass Sour Glass are used for sours.
White Wine Glass White Wine Glass A bit smaller than red wine glasses with a slightly different shape to the bowl.

Source: Mark Miller's Bar Man and