Equipment you need to start a bar

The items below are a basic examples of equipment that you should have in a complete bar. The function of many of these items can be duplicated with other home kitchen equipment.



Bar Knife Bar Knife For cutting or coring fruit, or for peeling rind.
Bar Knife Bar Knife For cutting or coring fruit, or for peeling rind.
Can Opener Can Opener Pretty self explanatory; opening beer bottles, etc.
Ice Bucket Ice Bucket For keeping ice close at hand and cold.
Ice Tongs Ice Tongs For placing ice cubes into drinks -- a sanitary measure.
Jigger Jigger Convenient measuring tool, usually showing 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 oz. measures. Some are two-sided: 1 oz. on one side, 1 1/2 oz. on the other.
Juicer Juicer For squeezing fresh juice for drinks... always preferred to pre-made.
Long Bar Spoon Long Bar Spoon Makes life easy when stirring drinks in large glasses or pitchers.
Measuring Spoons Measuring Spoons For when drink recipes call for dry ingredients or are measured in table or teaspoons.
Wooden Muddler Wooden Muddler This device is for crushing leaves (such as mint) against the bottom of a glass without scarring it. If you can't find one of these, use the back of a wooden spoon.
Large Pitcher Large Pitcher For mixing large quantities of drinks. Pitchers of drinks usually contain 5-7 oz. of alcohol, so use proportional amounts from the smaller recipe, and lots of ice to prevent dilution.
Shaker Shaker If you really want to be classy, you can shake drinks (see Shaking in the techniques section).
Covered Shaker Covered Shaker A somewhat cheaper alternative. The cover fits over the top of a glass for shaking.
Strainer Strainer Strainer
Waiter's Corkscrew Waiter's Corkscrew This is a handy little number for keeping in the pocket. Includes corkscrew, can opener, and knife.
Winged Corkscrew Winged Corkscrew Somewhat easier to use than the waiter's corkscrew, but also bulkier.

Source: Staff Writers