Grilled Swordfish With Citrus Salsa
Course : Grilling
Serves: 4


  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
   2      6 ounce       swordfish steaks
   1      teaspoon      Creole spice
   3      6 inch        corn tortillas -- -cut
                        --into 1" thick strips
                        Salt and pepper
     1/4  cup           orange sections, -- zested
                        : -- before cut
   2      tablespoons   lemon sections, -- zested
                        : -- before cut
   2      tablespoons   lime sections, -- zested
                        : -- before cut
   1      tablespoon    shallots -- minced
   1      tablespoon    olive oil         1 tsp honey
   1      tablespoon    cilantro -- chopped


Preheat the grill and the fryer. Season the fish with the spice. Place on the grill. Fry the tortilla strips in the fryer for 3 minutes, drain and season with salt and pepper. (You want the strips to be sort of crumbled up as they fry, they will be the nest for the fish to sit on.) In a small bowl, combine the sections, shallots, zest, olive oil, honey, and cilantro. Season with salt and pepper. Remove the fish from the grill. Set up a nest with the tortilla strips and place the fish on top. Top with the salsa. Recipe By: ESSENCE OF EMERIL SHOW Date: 09/26/96